Use the ‘6-12-25 Shock Technique’ for Quick Muscle Progress and a Huge Pump

Whereas the identify might sound a bit obscure, the the 6-12-25 methodology has been fashionable amongst bodybuilders and CrossFitters for a few years – most likely due to the massive pump and quick enhance in muscle mass it delivers. Now, as a result of its insane muscle-building outcomes, the broader gym-going world needs in on the protocol, which utilises a giant-set model of coaching and works as a heavy hitting trifecta of hypertrophy (muscle constructing). However it’s essential to get it proper. Carry out it incorrectly and you possibly can be leaving positive aspects on the desk.

Fortunately, this entire information ought to set you in your technique to an enormous hypertrophic pump.

What’s the 6-12-25 Protocol?

The 6-12-25 protocol was initially created by the late Canadian power coach Charles Poliquin. The protocol makes use of big units – or tri-sets – with minimal relaxation to get a excessive quantity of labor accomplished in a brief period of time. It is actually essential to decide on the suitable workout routines for the units to ensure that it to work optimally and the way in which it was designed to.

It usually focusses on one muscle group per set with three completely different workout routines. There’s minimal relaxation between workout routines as they’re carried out in succession at six, 12 and 25-rep ranges. There’s often three-to-five units and not less than three minutes relaxation between them.

What Does a Set Utilizing the 6-12-25 Protocol Look Like?

3-5 units may be accomplished of:

First train: 6 reps and relaxation 10 seconds

Heavier hundreds, usually utilizing compound workout routines.

Second train: 12 reps and relaxation 10 seconds

Average hundreds, usually utilizing accent or isolation workout routines.

Third train: 25 reps and relaxation 3 minutes

Lighter hundreds, usually utilizing accent or isolation workout routines.

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What Are the Advantages of the 6-12-25 Protocol?

Enhanced Hypertrophy

In accordance with an article revealed within the Journal of Energy & Conditioning Analysis the important thing elements of hypertrophy are mechanical pressure, muscle harm and metabolic stress, and the 6-12-25 protocol is environment friendly at hitting all three. You can enhance quantity and due to this fact make your likelihood at muscle constructing way more probably.

Elevated Energy

The concentrate on lower-rep ranges and heavier weights at the start of units can enhance muscular power. You may reap the rewards of muscle positive aspects and power multi functional with the protocol by focussing on compound strikes at the start of your units, due to this fact serving to you push via plateaus and see your power numbers shoot up.

Improved Muscular Endurance & ‘The Pump’

Working to higher-rep ranges signifies that you’ll be pushing your muscular endurance and growing blood circulate to the muscle tissues. Greater rep ranges enhance capillary density, guaranteeing your muscle tissues get used to sustained exercise with out hitting fatigue. Except for the science, the elevated blood circulate and fluid accumulation ends in that wanted pump.

Decreased Time

Crucially, for these with busy schedules, the 6-12-25 methodology could possibly be your time saving resolution. By finishing all workout routines in succession with minimal relaxation, you’ll be chopping down in your health club time and getting in simply as a lot quantity. Extra positive aspects, much less time wasted.

6-12-25 Protocol Exercise

Now you already know why to attempt the 6-12-25 protocol, this is your likelihood to attempt the three-day break up, or in order for you a mammoth session, all three on the identical day.


3-5 units / 3 minutes relaxation

Bench Press x 6 reps / 10 seconds relaxation

Lay flat on a bench, along with your knees bent and pushing your toes into the ground. Take the burden off the rack, locking out your elbows. Decrease the bar slowly till it touches your chest. Hold your elbows at a 45-degree angle, pause right here earlier than explosively urgent again up.

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press x 12 reps / 10 seconds relaxation

Sit on the finish of the bench set at a 30-45° incline with the dumbbells in your knees. Lean again on the bench and elevate the dumbbells over the chest. Have your toes planted on the ground, core engaged and arms locked out with the dumbbells straight above the higher chest. Slowly decrease the elbows into an arrow form just under your shoulders so that you just get a giant stretch. Pause for a second earlier than pushing the weights explosively away from you, again to your beginning place as you exhale, able to repeat.

Incline Dumbbell Chest Fly x 25 reps / 3 minutes relaxation

Take some lighter weights and lean again on the bench with the dumbbells above your chest. With the palms dealing with inwards, preserve a slight bend on the elbow as you decrease the dumbbells both facet of you. Really feel a stretch throughout the chest and produce the dumbbells again collectively, squeeze the pecs and repeat.


3-5 units / 3 minutes relaxation

Weighted Pull-ups x 6 reps / 10 seconds relaxation

Full weighted, body weight or band assisted relying on capacity. Ideally at six reps you need to be a few reps away from failure or nearing it. Seize a pull-up bar with an overhand grip, with you fingers over shoulder-width aside. Carry your toes from the ground, hanging freely with straight arms. Pull your self up by flexing the elbows, whereas pinching your shoulder blades collectively. When your chin passes the bar, pause earlier than decreasing to the beginning place.

Bent-over Dumbbell Row x 12 reps / 10 seconds relaxation

Together with your dumbbells hanging at your sides, have your legs barely bent, lock your core, preserve your again straight and ship your hips behind your heels in order that your torso is nearly perpendicular to the ground. Row the dumbbells upwards in an arc form in the direction of your hips. Pause and squeeze the shoulder blades collectively for a beat whereas holding the shoulders away from the ears. Slowly reverse the rep again to the start place.

Face Pull x 25 reps / 3 minutes relaxation

Set the rope attachment above eyeline and start standing or kneeling in entrance of it. Seize the handles with an overhand grip, thumbs in the direction of your face and pull them in the direction of you. The rope ought to break up both facet of your head. Hold the elbows at shoulder peak or barely greater. Pause, then reverse the motion.

Decrease Physique

3-5 units / 3 minutes relaxation

Again Squats x 6 reps / 10 seconds relaxation

Start by grabbing the barbell a bit wider than shoulder-width aside. Unrack the barbell with it on the meaty a part of your shoulders, behind your head. Keep an upright torso and push your hips again, bending your knees till your thighs cross parallel to the ground. Stand again as much as the beginning place.

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift x 12 reps / 10 seconds relaxation

Begin standing tall along with your toes beneath your hips. Maintain your dumbbells in entrance of your thighs. Ship your hips behind your heels with a flat again as should you’re shutting a automotive door along with your bottom. Hold the knees straight above your heels and shins vertical to the ground. Hold your shoulder blades drawn in the direction of one another and head in line. Really feel a stretch in your hamstrings and when the dumbbells are under your knees, ship your hips ahead to return to the beginning place.

Goblet Bike owner Squats x 25 reps / 3 minutes relaxation

Increase your heels up on a weight plate or block, holding your toes inside six inches of one another, heels shut collectively. Maintain your dumbbell near your chest. Squat down till your thighs cross parallel to the bottom, rise up explosively, stopping simply wanting locking your legs out to maintain the stress on the quads. Repeat.


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